Everything is gone

Hey guys, I was trying to upload a mp4 file to my assets but everything went away for no reason. My project’s space is almost full and I know it might be because of it. even .glitch-assets is empty. I can’t even do rewind or anything. Please help about it.

Howdy, @heywhothis well need to know your project name before we can take a closer look. Let us know that and someone will take a peek and see what’s up!

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Thanks for that. I’ve increased your disk space for the next 24 hours so you can address this. I doesn’t look as though your git repo is the culprit here - instead you have a couple of very large zip files in there that are pushing your project over its limit.

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Hey there, just saw your reply. I know I’m too late but I just wanted to check my project and it said “suspended project” what did I even do?

Hello @heywhothis sorry for the bother here. It appears as though your over-disk-space issue was the cause of that suspension as well, or at least after granting your project additional space it appears to be functioning again. As I mentioned previously it seems like the main problem is a couple of very large zip files in the root of your project. If you can remove those files in the next day I think things should be better.

Hope this helps!