Everything Runs 3 Times

Hello! I have made a Discord bot that has worked perfectly in the past. Begining earlier today, everything that the bot does (logs, giveaway messages, command responses, etc) all runs 3 times through. Nothing has changed on the code side as it hasn’t been touched in days.

Wondering if this is a Glitch problem or how to solve this 3x bug?

The project name is dungeonrammoderationbotdapper and on private mode.

Hi! We’re currently working on an issue causing some degradation in hosting and this may be a symptom of that. You can keep up to date with the status at status.glitch.com. If you continue to encounter the issue once it’s resolved, please let us know so we can look further!


Hey, it appears the status site that everything seems to me working. When I run commands, they run once like they should and than at random, they run a second, sometimes third and even fourth time.

The bot latency also ranges from 30 to 7000…not sure what is causing the delay and duplication.

Hi @SwimmingWhale - as of just a couple of hours ago, we were dealing with the project restart issue. Are you still encountering trouble now?

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The project appears to be working now with the same performance as it did before the problems yesterday. All should be good and working now.

Yep, Everything also seems to be fine for me!
-Happy Glitching tech_dude1