Example project with latest Material Components Web (v7)


I am trying to upgrade my glitch project to use the latest material-components-web": “7.0.0”, without success.

I am getting:
ERROR in ./app.scss
Module build failed (from ./fast-sass-loader.js):
Error: Error: Invalid CSS after “@include mixins”: expected 1 selector or at-rule, was “.core-styles;”
on line 25 of node_modules/@material/button/mdc-button.scss
from line 5 of app.scss

I was wondering if there are any published projects that have already gone through this upgrade so that i can refer to their npm package versions.

Many thanks

I would love to know the work around if you found it. Everything just says to uninstall node-sass and use sass. I believe that is slower than node-sass though. :frowning: