Excessive memory usage


I tried to shift the code using shift + tab and thus filled all the memory.
I don’t know if this should work this way. Because shifting of approximately 150 lines of code fills all the memory, if there are more, the project will hang and reboot without changes.


Hi @salozavisalo I’ve never seen this behavior. I’d like to take a look on a remix of your project; can you provide your project name, please?


Hey @salozavisalo I’ve been able to reproduce this behavior, and I have my own remix so you can delete the one you created at your leisure.

I’ve forwarded the question on to the team for analysis, but my suspicion is that this is a function of Glitch’s OT system which underpins collaborative editing. I won’t be surprised if there isn’t a solution to this issue, so you may be stuck with workarounds. Keeping your files smaller than the size of the main file in the project or only bulk-editing sections of large files are possible workarounds. Connecting to the project to a remote repo and working on the files locally is another possibility.

Sorry for the inconvenience!