Expand log window

The log window is too tiny to scroll around on a notebook screen. It is painful to search for specific errors. Would be nice to expand it.

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resizable logs is definitely on our feature list, thanks :slight_smile:


Is this list public? So far I’ve only found https://glitch.com/edit/#!/community?path=TODO.md:1:0

No, that’s just a list of tasks on the community site itself, we don’t have a public roadmap.

We just deployed an update that allows people to drag to resize the logs window. Hope this helps!

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Drag handle appears when I mouse over border, but it doesn’t move.

Hi techtonik,

I’m sorry to hear that the drag-to-resize logs aren’t working for you. I’d like to see how to fix it. Can you please help me by letting me know what browser/OS are you using?


Chrome 49 on Vista 32. The latest version that works there.

to keep our development fast we only support the latest versions of browsers (chrome is up to 57). sorry about that

Google is able to provide backward compatibility with polyfills. Maybe you can as well use its libraries with fallbacks instead reinventing them on your own? Not sure if it applies in this case.

Also, do you have survey of your clients browsers?

https://polyfill.io/v2/docs/ is a pretty cool service to automatically polyfill only the features the browser needs.

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the issue is less technical, than it is the added overhead related to committing to developing and testing against every browser/OS, potential performance issues, as well as maintaining backwards compatibility with deprecated systems/APIs.

We do survey clients browsers, the usage we’ve seen reflects the general popularity of browsers in the wild.

One of the things in building community is not leaving people behind. The very forum software that we are both using right now understands this, and allows me to resize this very window I am writing my comment in.

Given that, I am less curious to see your browser stats, which should be skewed, because people who experience issues using your platform, obviously leave, like me. But still, it would be nice to see those stats published. Steam makes stats available and they are very useful.

The last word about building community. I see you marked yourself as Leader. Every of us is a leader of our own community, but speaking of Glitch, I think it belongs to JavaScript and webdev folks by its nature. Failing to find a communication channel with people who are proficient in your key technology to help you with these minor issues is something to think about in your leadership studies. Nothing personal.

Nothing personal taken and I’m really glad you’re so passionate about our little product :slight_smile:

Chrome 49 use is at 0.29%. I’ll leave it to you to draw your own conclusions about skew. If your curious about the rest, let me know and i’ll put up more %s.

That being said, I can’t imagine that you’d also argue that Glitch (and Discourse) should be fully functional in IE6, or an LG 'smart’Fridge™. There is always a line that exists and needs to be drawn.

The ever ongoing challenge is about where we draw that line on platforms, technologies and features so that we can focus on building/fixing the things that most positively impact the community overall.

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the steam stats example is an intriguing idea, i’ll look into making a simple glitch public stats site in the future


Are those more that Chrome’s 49 0.29% from Glitch users?!