Explain Like I'm New - Explaining solutions to new programmers

Sometimes, solutions to issues posted here might not be understandable to a new programmer, especially if they go into things like git. So, I made ELIN (Explain Like I’m New)

Basically, if someone thinks their solution may not be understandable to very new programmers, they can tag @elin and include a link with explainlikeimnew.glitch.me/:topic/:your_post_number. Other new programmers that understand can click the link and have it explained to them in simpler details.

See it in action at Explain Like I’m New — Environment Var storage : .env OR .toml? (explainlikeimnew.glitch.me)

Please note: to prevent spam and unnecessary waste, only some people may create solutions to be summarized. See allowed.js for the current list of people


Awesome idea, great solution! Good idea to use gpt-3 API.
(PS: btw, @aboutdavid can you please add me to the allow list? this would be a great way to explain things :hugs:)

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Thank you! And sure, I’ll add you.

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