Export glitch assets

Hey, I would like to export everything from my glitch assets, but I’m not sure how is it possible. Just to clarify, I want to save every file from glitch I uploaded to my computer.

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The easiest way I can think of is to run git clone <project git URL> and look in the .glitch-assets file.

It’s formatted in JSON if that helps.

Happy coding!

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Didn’t seem to work is there anything else i can do?

Can you explain what is not working exactly? What error are you seeing?

If it’s too fiddly to click each one in the editor, get a copy of the .glitch-assets file from your project. You can do that by using the project “download” feature to get a tarball or various ways through git or by viewing it on the project terminal.

That file has a line for each asset. Each one has a URL leading to Glitch’s assets CDN. Later lines can override earlier lines or mark earlier lines as deleted. Download them from those URLs.

So its not possible?

It is possible.

We have described several ways in which it is possible.

  • You said git clone did not work for you, so what was the error?
  • Did you try downloading the project to get the tarball and then check the .glitch-assets file?

I’ve just cloned a project from my Glitch dashboard (open project → Click Tools → Import and Export → copy git URL → paste into a git clone command) and the .glitch-assets file contains URL which can be accessed.

You can also use the Download option (open project → Click Tools → Import and Export → Download project → unzip tarball → cd app) and the .glitch-assets file is there too, with links to the images and other content you’ve uploaded.

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