Export Problem!

Hello. When i export my project to github, It shows “Exported”. But when i check the exported github repository the logs folder is missing. I’ve no idea what is causing that because all other files and folders are exported properly except that logs folder which never gets exported.

Some folders on Glitch are automatically added to a .gitignore list, and ‘logs’ is one of them as it’s typically something that’s not wanted to be exported and quickly bloats the .git folder in the project.

Oh, I didn’t know that. So that means i need to create the logs folder in gihub repository manually everytime i need to import. Because my server can’t run without the logs folder. :frowning_face:

Can you change the name of the logs folder?

I can’t. I’ve forked an opensource repository ( which is updated daily ) has more than 100 files that uses logs folder to store the logs. I don’t need the logs files, only the folder which has four sub-folder in it. Without that my server can’t run. It will crash. If it’s not possible to export the logs folder, I’ll have to create the logs folder and the sub-folders manually everytime.

I might create a script that copies the folder to something not named logs and run it before you export. You can see something like that I did here in my “deploy” script https://github.com/melissamcewen/CurlsBotSite/blob/master/package.json

Then I run npm run deploy and it copies the folders I need

That would get the logs to GH, but it sounds like what you really want is to create those folders when you import from GH. Maybe you could check for those directories, and create them if they don’t exist in the startup code for your app?

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I’ve created a file which check and make directory, If it doesn’t exist on boot.
Here is the file, Incase someone face similar problem in future.

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