Express App Help please respond asap

Hello, i’m tired of using macros to make individual sites. Basically i need an express app that copies 1 line from a .txt file and removes the line. After that the app will create an individual webpage like or something.
Please send me any help you can would appreciate!

Can you clarify…?

so… what I need is a app that reads one line from a txt file and copies it to a html file

Something like

  1. Upload file
  2. Read content of file
  3. Take content of file and … makes a html page? What does that mean? Like
    <p> CONTENT FROM FILE </p>

You could use Ajax, so you can get the value of the txt file. I’m not exactly sure how to get only just the first line.

OP could split the line on every line break (\n) and get the first thing in a array. Something like:

var str = "line1 \n line2 \n line3"
var result = str.split('\n")[0]

Not really accurate but more like an idea.

that could work if you deleted all the other lines that were made after a \n