Express making site close after 5 minutes

I am currently working on a portfolio, I’ve decided to make it look better with express (using express to remove file extensions such as .html), but now the site gets turned off after 5 minutes.

This is extremely annoying. I do not understand why this can continue to be ‘static’. I am unsure if a developer would be able to fix this to some extent.

My project is

Do you have a package.json or glitch.json? I can’t check because your app is privated.

Yes, I have a package.json. That is needed to run express, and to be able to remove file extensions.

I also opened the project to the public.

Ok, that is why. Non-static projects go to sleep after 5 minutes to keep Glitch fast, and awake when someone visits your site. To prevent that from happening, you can buy Glitch premium here.

That was not the purpose of this post. I am aware non-static projects go to sleep after 5 minutes. I am saying that having express should NOT make the project ‘unstaticed’. Glitch premium is not something that is something someone should have to buy just to not have file extentions.

Have you ever though about the amount of Node apps on Glitch? Node apps causes more work than static sites.

I’d suggest you either:

  1. Buy Premium
  2. Move your files like this:
`aboutme.html -> me/index.html`
`invite.html -> bee/index.html`

Glitch is providing a FREE service. They had to eventually start charging so they could actually pay for the servers.


When you’re using Express, it becomes a Node.js app. When you use Node.js, it requires a package.json. When you have a package.json file, it becomes (both technically and Glitch-ically) a dynamic or non-static app.

Hope you understand!


I am aware what happens. My feedback is that it should NOT happen with express.

The reason express sites shut off after five minutes is that for express, you need a server.

Static sites do not require this, making them cheaper to run so they stay online 24/7


Ok, what if an Express app:

  • Was doing massive computer calculations?
  • Was pinging projects to keep the awake (not allowed, but it still happens)
  • Was mining bitcoin (not allowed, but it still happens)

As a side note, you can mine bitcoin client side with JavaScript.

You use Express for simply changing the routes and the files extensions of the files served. However, Express has a lot of other uses.

You can? I’m going to start mining on my phone :laughing:

I don’t think that’s allowed on Glitch… Or is it?

lol, lets start a pool :laughing:

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Yep, I once reported a mining project. Tasha took it down.

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I went to go look it up and I got a popup from NortonLifeLock saying that someone was trying to mine Bitcoin from my browser.

But this is starting to get off-topic.

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Migrate the files from about.html to about/index.html and you should be good to go!

The reason that express goes to sleep is its a nodejs server meaning it costs a lot more to run. html files just sit in directory and are served upon request as they are prebuilt.

yeah and one server can serve up multiple static sites by selecting the directory based on the Host: header