Express Not Rendering HTML Properly

For some reason express isn’t rendering my file properly. I’m using Bootstrap studio for the design of the page that I haven’t completed yet, so I’m using a default template for the time being. Instead of appearing as it should like this:image
It ends up appearing like this.

This is the line of code that’s rendering it.

resp.sendFile("index.html", {root: path.join(__dirname, "")})


If there’s a more efficient way of going about this or fixing it any help would be appreciated, thanks!

I don’t think this has anything to do with express. Instead, some of your files are going to localhost and you also need to put them in a public folder like on hello-express or handle them (e.g. With res.sendFile) in your server file. Can you send both the backend and html code in full?

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Put all your Files to public Folder,

Then, In your server.js:

//const express = require("express");

//add this 
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You might want to try putting type="text/css" into the link tag where you reference the bootstrap link? These are very odd errors.