Expressjs - *command error*


I coded a bot on my desktop with a friend using modueals “eris” “discord.js” and “mongoDB” and i’m getting some issues with hosting it on glitch, i’m having a bit of trouble understanding what this is. I have the assest/packages install that are needed and i get some errors/

Error Log Message: /opt/watcher/app-types/node/ line 49: null: command not found


Hi @Dandy, welcome to the Glitch Forums!

This message usually indicates something wrong in your package.json file. Can you either supply your project name or the contents of your package.json so we can take a look?


The name is: dandyog-musicuniverse2


Thanks for the additional info! The problem you’re currently experiencing is because your package.json doesn’t have a start script. If you add

“scripts” : {
  “start” : “node main.js”

Somewhere in your package.json file that particular error should go away.