Extra Templates

There should be a configuration screen to configure which templates you want to be, on the templates shown on the new project screen.
The design would be
[Checkbox] Simple NodeJS template
[Checkbox] Simple Express template
[Checkbox] Simple SQlite App
Then there could be community contributed templates like
[Checkbox] Python 3 Flask App
[Checkbox] Python 2 Flask App
[Checkbox] Dijango App
[Checkbox] Python 3 Flask with venv
[Checkbox] Simple PHP App
[Checkbox] Ruby with rails starter(is this possible?)
[Checkbox] Java Serverlets Template

This a really interesting idea! Can you elaborate more on what advantages this would have over the current system, and what interaction with this design would look like?

A quick demo of how the user interface would look like: https://glitch.com/~laced-noise
Helpful for devs that don’t primarily use nodejs
Allows you to quickly start with the framework you want
Also it would be easier to create a discord bot, because you wouldn’t need fish out a template from search that uses a random framework.
You would have to look for templates by the community or the glitch team would have to make lots of templates for lots of different languages.
People would keep saying, “this template is broken” a lot due to the number of templates that are needed to maintain.