Hi there!
So, recently, there has been someone going under the name of Mage on me and my friends’ app and making it unplayable for other people. He goes in and starts botting and spamming the chat. How can I prevent this from happening? I don’t want to be mean to him, but I want him to stop. I’ve asked him several times and he just won’t stop.

Is this project a static site? If not, you could write a script to block their IP address. You could additionally put the site behind Cloudflare and add a firewall rule to block the attacker’s IP.

Keep in mind that this person could always use a VPN/Proxy/Tor to bypass this.

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RiversideRocks, thanks a lot for the suggestion. But, he finally understood and decided to help me instead! Thanks for the suggestion though.


i cant go in ezagario it says to wait 30 sec and if it still dont work switch severs but for me i do that and it says the same thing i even open a new tab