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Hi, I’m new to glitch here and I’m not really a programmer but I’m trying my best. Anyway, I made my custom page on glitch.com and I wanted to add a custom preview for my link when it’s shared on facebook and twitter you know… I got the codes (I put them in the bottom of this topic) and I choose my preferences BUT … nothing happened : ( I didn’t get what I wanted, any help?


Thank you <3

Welcome to glitch.com

Before doing this, you should study HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PhP.
You don’t want to spends a lot of time trying to preview a site that you’re not sure looks good.

In web design, your priorities should be listed like something similar to this:

  1. Make the files and link them together, CSS file(s), HTML files, JavaScript files, PhP files.
  2. Make the actual page itself.
  3. When the page is out of beta and ready for the public, then start making the preview embed.

By the time you are ready to make a preview, the site will already be the way you want it, and you should have discovered your own way of programming it, which will help a lot in developing the preview embed itself.
And if you make a preview embed, it will be available for all sites allowing preview embeds for links.

Either way, study HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PhP before trying to make a site for the public.
A site where you can study it, which I think is really good for online studying of development, is https://www.w3schools.com/

You can study a lot of programming languages there, which includes every web design language you will ever need to make a fully functioning website. Both good looking and functioning.

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ZApexio Thank you so much <3

although I’m a medicine student I don’t think I have the time but I’ll try my best and I appreciate it thank you again it’s really a great site

It doesn’t take too much time.
I am a 15 years old student, just had my finals, I just studied it online in my free time.
And I’ve only been studying JavaScript for a few months, and I am surprised myself of how fast you actually can learn programming online.
The only thing is just don’t watch tutorials on how to make things. Instead just ask for guidance and check the school websites if it is syntax, property and method things.

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OH GOD that’s great! I’m 20 xd, well then I wish you best luck and a bright future <3

You too,
Good luck with your projects,

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Hi @OsamaHJT, welcome to the Glitch forum!

If you’re willing to share your project name someone also may be able to give you specific guidance regarding your use of Open Graph tags.

I agree with what you said about learning web languages. However, PHP is mainly server processing, not “web” (although it is used on the web).

Most front-end developers only use HTML, CSS & JS. It’s mainly the backend developers that use PHP.

Yet, PhP is important in a lot of web development tasks and is something that web developers should have experience with while making a website.

I do agree, but I don’t particular use PHP on the frontend.