Fallback Node Version Update

Hey folks it’s been a minute, but i’m here with the next stage in our container updates. This one’s not all that exciting on the surface, but it will enable us to finish deprecating Node versions < 12 as we planned to do many moons ago.

This Thursday (that’s tomorrow) we plan to deploy a change to the project container that updates the “fallback” Node version (the one you get when you don’t specify a Node version in engines in your package.json) from Node 10 to Node 12.

As I mentioned this sounds pretty unexciting; it lays further groundwork for the next steps of container modernization. In addition it makes a few other minor changes

  • git in the project terminal has been upgraded from v2.7.4 to v2.45.2
  • go has been updated from v1.11.2 to v1.22.1
  • the Rust environment has been updated from v1.74 to v1.79
  • the Fastly CLI toolset has been updated from v1.3.0 to v10.8.9

Separately, but to be released in tandem

  • the “dot” versions for Node 14 and Node 16 have been updated to their latest releases

We anticipate all projects will be running on the new container by the end of the week.

The next step in this process is a much larger change to the container, and we’ll be looking for community testers to help us verify the change in the coming weeks: stay tuned!


*** UPDATE 2024-06-27 ***

Rescheduled for Tuesday, 2024-07-02.

*** UPDATE 2024-07-02 ***
Rescheduled once more for 2024-07-09.

*** UPDATE 2024-07-09 ***
Rescheduled once more for 2024-07-16.

*** UPDATE 2024-07-16 ***
Rescheduled once more for 2024-07-18.


First: LETS GOOOOOOOO CONTAINER UPDATE!!! :tada: :tada: :tada:

Second: Very exciting to see this roll out, I’m wondering if the Fastly CLI update will break any of the Fastly integrations or starters?


oh my god that means native fetch

behind an experimental flag though :person_shrugging:


@keithk I am wondering that too :rofl: so will be keeping a close eye on what happens lol but I don’t think we use any commands that shouldn’t work in the more recent version… :crossed_fingers:


LOL I don’t use Node so all of this that everyone is going crazy about and I’m just here like… uh… okay.

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you should check it out. bun is also great but not natively supported, you need to use wh0’s bun template.


Hey y’all we’ve decided to move this update to next Tuesday, 2024-07-02 because we hadn’t scheduled a maintenance window and we wanted to make sure to do so in case this update does lead to some instability - slow project start times or projects failing to start.

We’re sorry for the delay but want to communicate these changes widely and responsibly.



Hey folks I’ve another postponement to announce; we have an opportunity to make this transition smoother across the board and that’s worth taking some extra time for.

We’ve rescheduled this change for next Tuesday; 2024-07-09 to give ourselves time to improve our process a bit to keep Glitch running better during this and future transitions. Thanks for your understanding!



Hi y’all I’m back with another update. We’re still working through some of the last details on this change, and have had to focus on some undesirable platform activity instead, so we’re going to delay this another week. Our apologies for the continuing delays and thanks once agan for your patience. We appreciate you!

We’re looking at 2024-07-16 instead.



Hey there folks!

We’re still working on the last bits of this change and that combined with some unrelated external factors mean that we’re going to delay this update once again. That said, we’re not pushing it back an entire week - we’re rescheduling for Thursday, 2024-07-18.

See you then!