FAQ for glitch users

There are quite a few things that get sent in this forum often, so I’d like to write a quick FAQ about things.
Q: Where do I go to get my custom domain removed
A; Email support@glitch.com, I recommend you put “Custom Domain Removal” in the title.
Q: My discord bot got banned or what’s “Something took too long to do”
A: Multiple applications run on the same container. So one bot must have done something and gotten banned by discord. To change hosts, post in the “Discord Ban Megathread the Second”(current thread), with your project name and you will soon be relocated to a new host.
Q: My disk space is full, and I can’t run any commands
A: Make a post in this forum, the glitch support is fast enough to get to you within a day or two.
Q: Glitch/my project is slow or does not load.
A: Check status.glitch.com the problem may not be just you. If it is just you make a post on the glitch forum about it. If it isn’t just you please DON’T make a post on the glitch forum if there is a thread about it already.
Q: Does glitch have dark theme
A: Yes and no, the support forum doesn’t have one but the editor does.
Q: How do I host something other than nodejs
A: Welcome to the dark side. Check out http://glitch.com/edit/#!/glitchnomicon
Q: I want to write about glitch.
A: Excellent! You can get logo downloads and more at https://glitch.com/about/press
Q: My project on a custom domain is being attacked
A: Remove your fly.io/shw.io url from your registrar and get cloudflare. If you already do have cloudflare turn on “I’m under attack mode”. Use anayltics to anaylze what clients most of your attackers are using and block them in the firewall.
Q: My glitch project is being attacked and it’s not on a custom domain
A: Rename your project to something unpredictable. All the attackers will be doing is attacking a project not found page.
Q: How do I keep my project up 24/7?
A: There a couple of ways you can do this. First you can sign up for boosted apps which run exactly 24/7 I think. If you don’t want to pay you can try autopingers like https://awake.glitch.me or uptimerobot. Don’t rely on awake too much sometimes it forgets my projects and turn off email services for uptimerobot.
Q: When I drag a file into the editor it doesn’t appear in the file listing
A: When you drag a file into the editor it goes into your assets which is not entirely part of the container. Use wget in the terminal to move the file into your container and delete it from the assets afterwards.
Q: What’s the number in the glitch assets url.
A: It’s a nice way to prevent the browser from using the wrong cache version of a file.


Yep, also check out:

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@javaarchive The link to press is wrong. It should be: https://glitch.com/about/press


Thanks for the correction, I had most of the glitch urls memorized but apparently this one was not correct

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