Fast and free static sites on Glitch and new Project Hours


As some of you have already noticed, today we have released two changes to Glitch that we hope will make it easier for you to manage your apps’ uptime. Here’s a quick overview:

  1. Registered users get 1,000 Project Hours to manage the uptime of free (un-boosted) apps.
  2. Static sites will stay on 24/7 without using Project Hours.

To learn more about why we have made these changes, check out this blog post!
We also created an FAQ list about how Project Hours work.

If you have general questions about Project Hours that are not addressed in the FAQ, feel free to post them below.

If you have questions about how Project Hours work specifically with your Glitch account or projects that you own, send us a support request via our new Help Center!


I like the idea/update


Yep! Amazing!!!


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Yes! Finally! Thank you!


This is sooo great!!!


This looks really cool!

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That’s quite funny! Who made a topic first? @khalby786 or @tasha?

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@khalby786 beat us to it hehe. We do appreciate and love how ~~ logged on ~~ y’all are!!


I actually Like this Idea
Also Glitch
IDEA: If you Get Thanked So Many Times i Think your Monthly Project Hours Increase
It would encourge People to Help Out more


why my hours already reached 1700?

This topic is relevant on that.

Cool! This will probably get some people who switched to for free Discord bot hosting to use Glitch again for at least 1 of their bots.

Unlikely, they only made another restriction for existing projects and that in mind dynamic projects will still sleep after 5 mins of inactivity and uptime services are still against TOS (unless they changed it). They still encouraged us to pay and boost our projects for a 24/7 uptime or switch to another hosting service.

Sorry, I’m a bit confused - do we get 1000 hours per project or 1000 hours overall?

This is brilliant and a great feature for teaching students html/css/js = many thaanks!


I had a static site I made last year anonymously, now it shows “Project Quota Exceeded”. Could the free hours in any way help it?

Just popping in to echo this and express gratitude to the Glitch team – this is one of my main use-cases for Glitch so it will be great to have 24/7 static sites. Thank you!! :woman_technologist::spider_web:


im currently working on a 24/7 uptime website for glitch projects (TOS compliant!)

Can you explain how it works? Do you make requests to your own server?