Fatal Error: preview.glitch.com

I tried going to https://preview.glitch.com, and it says:

Unexpected Server Error

The stack trace is:

There isn’t any text for stack trace.

Clicking on ANY link says:

404 You've Found A Glitch
You’re on the development preview version of the Glitch website, so “not found” means we probably haven’t built this page yet. We’re in the process of rebuilding Glitch from the ground up. This preview site is our ongoing commitment to doing that work alongside the Glitch community.

We’ve set up a thread in the forum so you can send feedback and tell us what you think.

It works perfectly for me. Remember that it’s only the preview site, it’s still in development and you’ll find a lot of 404s.

Not any link, but yes, most links don’t work because they just haven’t started working on them yet

You could have caught it when they were uploading some updates as it works perfectly for me (well, as perfectly as an in-production website can be)

Yeah, I probably did. Thanks you two.

You’re welcome!

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