Feature Idea: Sort by Date Created or Edited

LOOOOVE Glitch. So much. And, having my projects sorted by recent projects is not bad at all, but sometimes I need to sort in order of when the project was created or edited. Since I love Glitch so much, I have a good # of projects, and if I open up a bunch of old ones to peek in for something, they move up to the top of Recent Projects, even if i just opened and didn’t make any changes.To clarify, I do find it useful being able to see what’s recently been opened, I just also would like to see in order of what’s recently been edited or been created.

&& Some other useful filters/sorts:

  • Group/Filter by Type [webpage, Node, sqlite]
  • Filter/See/Hide cloned from GitHub
  • Filter/See/Hide Remixed
    could even use with search operators in the find bar like, “is:github, is:remixed”


hi @air_opal, thanks for using glitch! as someone with 500+ projects on my page, these sorting/filter ideas really resonated with me and i’ve passed your post onto the rest of the team to consider in future work!

Hi @jenn, woohoo! Glad they resonated and thanks for taking a listen.