[FEATURE] lockdown mode for your website


I am in the middle of designing my website, and a big problem i have with glitch is that everything updates on every change i make. So i thought maybe you guys should add a lockdown button so that when you are doing big changes you can just lock your website down and people will be brought to a website saying the website is undergoing development. It would help a lot.


hey @ramoth123, this is something you can already do by changing the main page of the site to some sort of under maintenance page. How you’d go about this depends on how you’re setting up your site - if you’re using a static site the process is different than if you’re using Node/Express, for instance. This isn’t much different than what you’d do if you were hosting your site in a hosting account or some other hosting service.

Since this is already something you can manage it’s probably not something that we’re likely to work on in the near future.

If I’ve misunderstood what you’re talking about can you help me understand better?

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