Feature request: "Add package"

So basically my idea for this is that there will be a dropdown menu:

Select a package to install: <Dropdown: Python (value=“pip”), Linux (value="sudo apt-get install ")> <Input: Text>

And when go is clicked if the user is the one that owns the glitch program it will basically run (on root in the container):
First somehow convert the “I want the python package matplotlib”

Dropdown1=Python Dropdown2=matplotlib
Dropdown1.value=pip install Dropdown2=matplotlib
virtual machine: pip/npm/whatever install matplotlib if does not require sudo
virtual machine: sudo pip/npm/whatever install matplotlob if requrires sudo and in unblocked pkgs list

To prevent anyone from registering a malicious package and using it to get root/sudo, there will be a curated list of “sudo safe” packages that isn’t malicious that will be mantained by the glitch team.

This way we won’t need tons of bypass and this that to install a useful package, e.g. dropdown for bash which I want to use.

I think glitch hadn’t been adding some features because adding too much features (like automatically installing dropdown in bash) would take up lots of storage space, so I think this is a solution