Feature request: Chat/Comments

I will give that a try or maybe make a big spot at the top of the read me.

As an alternative, you could use Discord.

… or IRC, or slack, or reddit, or facebook chat, or AOL messenger.

Or a socket.io server you made

or a message tied to a rotting piece of meat in sight of a trained homing buzzard.

Sounds like the easiest option, let’s try it! Lol

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RIP AIM, we’ll miss you, but not really.

It’s really challenging to help someone with no chat. I guess you can just add comments, but then it’s bloating the code, ideally you shouldn’t have to do that.

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For example someone just posted about a bug, but when I follow their steps I can’t reproduce. I can message them “can’t reproduce” without needing access to their code. Lost value there without the chat IMO

Couldn’t agree more! We could use the forum but we have no way of seeing who is online. And the communication between project members is essential to any developer. You could introduce it as an add-on for the paid plans.

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