[feature request] collapse backend panel

A lot of educators and workshops will be using Glitch.com to teach A-Frame, which is primarily front-end. The audience for this could be kids or people completely new to programming. Someone raised the concerns that having all the backend files visible would intimidate students.

Would it be possible/reasonable to collapse that panel if we wanted people to focus on the frontend / HTML files, and then when people remixed the project, that default collapse setting would be active?

When you say… just in time :slight_smile:

We just deployed something that you might like! If you remove the file package.json, your project becomes “static”, that is, it serves your files as a plain old http server, and we hide the back-end section. You can then remove completely all the server-related files like server.js, as they are not needed in this case.

See it in action here: https://glitch.com/edit/#!/static-project

I hope this is what you need :slight_smile:


This does look great for teaching or for kids, etc! If you do that though, is there a way to restore the backend section?


Just put package.json back and it becomes a normal node app again :slight_smile:

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Ah, when I tried remixing Glitch :・゚✧ it looked like there was no way in the UI to add things to the backend section once that was hidden. But I see that if I just add “package.json” to what’s seemingly the frontend section that it actually recreates the backend section.

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Thanks! This even cleared it up for me because I was initially surprised I couldn’t add HTML files to the root since it would get put into views/ and I had to put in public/. Now I can put my files anywhere like I’d expect :slight_smile:

glad you like it :slight_smile:

to clarify about the back-end/front-end split: it is mostly just for your convenience, because in reality the split is just “visual”: all the files stay in the same root directory, but we show as “front-end” files the files that you put in public/, or views/ or templates/.

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