Feature request: Download a backup of all your projects at once

To download a backup of all your projects, you can currently go to your profile page (e.g. glitch.com/@yourusername), and then execute this:

[...document.querySelectorAll(".project-name")].map(el => el.innerText).map(n => `git clone https://YOUR_API_KEY:@api.glitch.com/${n}/git ${n}`).join(" && ")

That will generate a command that you can put in your terminal, and it’ll download all your projects into the working directory of that terminal.

And you can get your API key by opening dev tools while loading up one of your projects and looking in the network tab and filtering for “api”. It should look something like xxxxxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxx where the x’s are numbers and letters.

So that’s not too much trouble, but it would be nice to have a button so we can do it all in one click (: Hopefully this post helps others in the mean time.