Feature Request: Update to Rust 1.52.1

Hello! This is my first post here.

I was starting to work on a program and realized JS 100% doesn’t meet my needs (it’s rare for me to say that), so I turned to Rust with WASM. However, Rust is currently at version 1.32.0, and my codebase depends on slightly newer features.

Could you please upgrade when you have a chance? Thank you!

Bumping this quick, since it’s been a week.

Also, while waiting for this to be pushed out, does anyone have a workaround? I tried using rustup myself, but there’s very little space available. Which also brings another problem in that it could be difficult to install packages depending on how it’s handled; we’ll have to see how that goes.

Let me know if there’s any way I can help!

Hi there! So I don’t have a workaround for you, as I’m not familiar with using Rust on Glitch, but I have let the team know that it’s due for an update. Because Rust is not a language we officially support, I don’t anticipate this being something we do in the near future, but I’ll post an update in here if we do end up updating it.

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Thank you! I felt like I could ask because the last person who asked got a reply in one day… :rofl:

In any case, I’m glad this is being looked into! I would help if I could with the Rust side of things (as in, making it more well-supported); I’m a bit of a novice myself though. I could find someone to help though if you all would be interested; I know a few people who are particularly good at Rust.

Here you go!

It has its problems though

Very true, that would be a solution. On the other hand, projects with a large number of dependencies could take 10-15 minutes just to start, and then they’d have to have an Uptime Robot or something so they don’t need the startup time every time someone wants to go to the site. This is much more of a problem with Rust than with Node.JS because of the nature of Rust.

I’ll definitely keep that in mind though; it may become important with most of my projects.

there’s one other difference between rust and nodejs: the project and dependencies get compiled into a program, and you don’t need to re-download and recompile if all you’re doing is running that program to serve the site. it’ll take some fiddling to get Glitch set up so that it behaves that way though.

that slowness will be there next time you want to make some changes and actually do want to recompile