Few Important Tips While Using This Forum

Before you read this, I suggest you take a look at a post by @Callum-OKane: How to solve common glitch problems.

I decided to write this post after seeing many threads that discuss the same topics and also as a guide for new users while using this forum. Following the below mentioned tips could be so helpful to many of us in the forum.

  1. Something took too long to do
    Whenever you see this in the Glitch Logs, instead of creating a new topic, it would be really great if you could report your project name in this thread: Discord Ban mega-thread the second! (Discord bot / Something took too long to do). What happens is that Glitch will move your project to another server. If you’re in a hurry, you could remix your project, so that the new project will be probably created in a new server.

  2. Creating a new post? I recommend you Google your problem or whatever error you’re facing before creating a new topic because there may be other threads and posts that discuss the errors you’re facing that other users might have already experienced. Also, you need to ask a good question so that everyone can help you faster and better. More info on that at How To Ask a Good Question (and How To Respond Accordingly).

  3. Custom domain removals, email changing, failed to start terminal errors and suspended projects, etc. Now, you need to email support@glitch.com for the following:

  • Removing a custom domain from a project.
  • Opening a project that has been suspended for using too much disk space.
  • Changing the email on your glitch account.
  • And for everything else you require the support of the Glitch Staff themselves.
  1. Deleting your Glitch account You can delete your account by going to this page. https://glitch.com/settings/account

  2. Make sure you post in the right category. If you’re unsure of what category to post it, post it in Uncategorised and I’m sure the Glitch Staff or Regulars will be able to categorize it properly. Also, as of now, all tutorials will go to the #the-gallery category.

  3. When asking for help, it’s not just enough to say my project is not working or please help me. Always provide what you’re trying to do and if it is a coding problem, provide the project name (make sure to make it public) so that community members will be able to help you better. Also, you need to ask a good question so that everyone can help you faster and better. More info on that at How To Ask a Good Question (and How To Respond Accordingly)

  4. Glitch does not have any official communities! I’ve seen many posts that give invite links for “official Glitch Discord server” or “official Glitch Subreddit”. Please note that Glitch does not have any communities such as Reddit/Discord and all those that pose as one, are fake.

  5. Glitch has banned pinging projects forever!. Oh my goodness. Glitch has permanently banned the pinging of projects until further notice. This is also part of the Terms of Service now, so if you ping your project it means you are violating the ToS. And if you violate the ToS, the project is bound to be suspended and your account is also gonna be suspended.

  6. Titles matter, the better and more clear your title is the higher your chance of getting help is. I’ve (not impersonating @khalby786) seen people ask questions and usually the better titled ones get a response from the wonderful glitch team.

  7. Format your code!. There are useful sites like beautifer.io that will format your code to improve readability. Don’t forget to wrap your code in triple backticks!

Make sure you follow the Community Guidelines as Glitch is a civilized place of public discussions and keep these discussions clean for everyone!

All Regulars, please make sure to categorise #uncategorized post into an appropriate category!

Hope this helps!


One thing I’d like to add: please don’t bump threads which are months old - unless they haven’t been answered. It’s annoying sometimes to have the latest topics section cluttered with month or year old topics. I understand you may end up bumping threads for reasons such as asking questions about a tutorial. However, it frustrates me when people bump a topic for “I’m having this issue too please help” - just open a new topic!


@khalby786 Great job! But you can already delete your account by going to this page. Glitch: The friendly community where everyone builds the web

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Oh yeah, thanks for pointing that out @Techy.

That is new - Users can close their own accounts now! Here is some information on how to do that:
How Do I Close My Glitch Account


@Techy and @tasha, thanks for notifying that, I’ll update it in the main post!

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Ummm what
Discourse can’t count

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No, it’s actually “I can’t count” :sweat_smile:

Discourse is bigbrain and fixes the numbers for you iirc.

You should provide some tips on how to quickly become regular :wink:. I don’t know understand how in the world Discourse doesn’t give the language it was written in, a good trust level :thinking:

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ok now i’m worried about losing it

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(See the post under me)

You can lose it. Example: @househaunt was a Regular but wasn’t online for a few months, so she got demoted from Regular to Member.

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Well know i’m worried about taking any trips longer than a month. In the current youknowwhat that’s not going to be a problem though

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