Ffmpeg-binaries installation


I know this is mainly for websites and such but since you guys provide the ability to create bots on here, I have pasted in my files for my bot I previously hosted elsewhere but the problem I run into is with the music portion of my bot where the first one I noticed is I always get a “400 Bad Request” when trying to search for music via my bot which uses the youtube api and I am not sure if it is on your guys end or what as I have triple checked to make sure my api key is correct and still works; the next is when i try to install ffmpeg-binaries": “^3.2.2” (which I have to do it via the console) I get errored out with not enough space, so I was wondering if there was a possibility to have my disk space revamped some (as I read similar topics and saw etamponi on jan 18 say it’s evaluated case by case for this) especially because most of the people who use my bot use the music portion of it, specifically the main server on discord I created it for they use it quite a bit for karaoke sessions.


if you tell us your project name we might be able to help you more, but the ‘400 bad request’ implies that there’s an issue with the way you’re calling the youtube api. If you check your app’s network tab, and look at the 400 request you can double check that you’re hitting the endpoint you intended.

My understanding is that extra space is indeed on a case by case basis which @etamponi can look into for you.


The name of my project is called “ace” (which is private but I’m sure you guys can still look at it), to which I can provide a link for if needed. With the “400 Bad Request”, I’ve never had a problem with the youtube api request up until I’ve started hosting my bot with you guys. I previously hosted it on digital ocean and even before that my own laptop all of which never gave me a bad request when searching songs through my bot to youtube.

I have tried looking in the network tab but it does not seem to be giving me anything when I try to request any music search via my bot on the discord application, although in the logs on glitch it gives me the 400 Bad Request error. I’m kind of perplexed on this


we can’t look at private projects, but if you privately message me an invite code I can take a look (you’ll be able to remove me from the project afterwards)


Well not exactly seeing where to privately message you (might not have the ability to) but I’ll just post here [redacted]