File didn't returned


my problem is the file isnt appearing in the project
i deleted so many lines with nano editor but it didnt returned.
how to return it after i edited it in nano ? :confused:


After editing it via the console, you want to make sure you sync your changes with the editor, so run refresh in the console afterwards. That will force the editor to refresh and pick up the changes. Assuming you’ve removed enough of the file to bring it beneath the editor size limit, your file should show.


there is a problem in the site right now ?
it says connection error


Yes, sorry about that - we’re looking into it.


it’s ok :slight_smile:
now working .


sry for disturbing u but i wrote refresh when i edited the file and it’s not showed
sry for my bad english :slight_smile:


There are multiple reasons a file may not show - see If you’re sure it’s under the size restriction, then I’d check it for non-ASCII characters which could make the editor think it’s a binary file and ensure there aren’t more than 100 total files in the project.

To check the file type, run
file -i <filename>
in the console. You’ll get output like
client.js: text/plain; charset=us-ascii
The editor will show you MIME types - let us know what you get for the file that isn’t showing.


hmmm do u have a discord server ?


No, what did you get when you ran file -i <filename>?


All.js: text/plain; charset=utf-8


do u mean this line ??


Yes, which looks fine. If you share your project url we can take a look. Or DM me a join link if it’s private.


yes its private , how to DM u sry for that im a new user


If you click on my name you should see the option.


All.js is 750Kb, as is Topclass.js so they’re both still significantly above the file size limits. However, there seems to be significant scope to reduce the file sizes. Instead of having hundreds of message.member.removeRole() function calls within the body of the code itself, you should use a for loop.


Oh rly ? i though that the file under 100Kb :joy:
anyway how to copy whole file in nano editor ?


From the command line run cp All.js All1.js and then open the new file in nano


can i put more than 1 file in the same project for 24h ?
if yes what i should do in the reload.js


oh rlly thx bro it returned :love_you_gesture::heart_eyes:
but the last question sry for that :slight_smile:.
can i put more than 1 file in the same project for 24h ?
if yes what i should do in the reload.js


Yes, you can put more than 1 file in the same project for whatever length of time you want.

I don’t know what you mean by ‘what i should do in the reload.js’.