File hidden from editor tree


Hello, I just opened my project ‘strandee’ and the /js/game.js file is hidden from the editor tree. The last time I edited the file was noon today. The file still seems to be hosted though at

This issue also happened a week ago, but since then, yesterday I added another file called ‘game.js’ and it seemed to overwrite the old one, which is fine. I would just like to be able to access ‘js/game.js’ in the editor tree.



Files above 200kb are hidden from the file tree, so I suggest splitting the file up if possible.


I have a case of this seemingly happening for a 100kb file:!/cla?path=pub/formview.js:1:0


Character count is another factor, which I’m assuming is at play here at it’s a minified file.


Roger that!

Repeating a feature request from another thread, maybe the bottom of the sidebar should say something like “2 files not shown” with some hovertext or something about why that might happen. Or just a subtle ellipsis with some hovertext that you’ll tend to notice if you’re hunting for a missing file but that won’t add clutter/confusion for newbies.


Is the memory limit a technical limitation of the editor? If not, is there any chance it will be increased anytime soon? To me, Glitch seems like a really great solution for smaller projects, but for a large game like mine, even splitting it up would seem to be right up against the limitations. I may have to figure out a way to work on my project offline. Like I said though, Glitch is an incredible platform for small to medium prototypes.


Hi @jaredyork,

if with “memory limit” you’re referring to the number of files shown in the editor, then yes: a solution is definitely possible and we are looking into fixing it :slight_smile:

The actual memory limit of 512MB is tied to our free offering. We might increase it one day, but there are no plans for it right now.

Thanks and happy coding :slight_smile:


Yes, I’m referring to the number of files shown in editor, and was concerned with what Gareth said about what I would call a memory limit (perhaps a storage limit is a better term):

Files above 200kb are hidden from the file tree, so I suggest splitting the file up if possible.

I’m not concerned about the actual memory limit you’re speaking of, that’s not a problem for my needs. I’m glad a solution is possible and is being looked into because I would love to be able to continue collaborating on Glitch.