File renamed deleted a file!

I renamed a file in the ‘back-end’ and it somehow ended up deleted instead! That was some work down the toilet…

Thanks for the report, we’ve opened a case and will investigate.

@cmcconomy Sorry about that! :frowning:

We found that file renames weren’t atomic, so with just the right set of conditions a rename would simply remove the file name, preventing it from being displayed. (In a previous version, this would make all files disappear :sob:)

File renames are now performed in a single action, so this shouldn’t happen again. We’d be happy to try and recover the file if you’d like… reach out to us with the feedback button in-app and we’ll take a look at your project and see what we can do.

Thanks again for the report!

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Glitch is CONTINUOUSLY deleting my settings folder and everything in it, OR deleting the contents of the settings folder. Either way I’m screwed out of 48 hours of work. Please FIX THIS, glitch has had my bot offline for 12 hours!