File showing in glitch-assets but not in the viewer

I noticed in my git log that my project has a .glitch-assets file which (somehow) has ended up containing a sensitive .json file from another project.

This json file doesn’t show up in the assets ‘viewer’ pane, so how can I delete it ? The file has a valid CDN url, which delivers the file when I request it. I need it to be disappeared…


Hi Doug! To delete .glitch-assets you should open the console of your app (click the “Tools” button on the lower-left of the editor screen and then click “Full page console ->”. With the console open, run the command rm .glitch-assets which will delete the entire file from your project!

thanks Jenn. I know how to delete the glitch-assets file - but does that remove the sensitive file from the CDN ? That’s my question

Hey @dougmaloney we’ll need to delete that file from the CDN manually. Can you provide us with the address? You can PM @support_staff if you’d rather keep the address off of the world wide web.