Files Disappear from the Backend service


A few days back, I reported an issue regarding several files that disappeared or were automatically erased on the backend side of one of my projects. I was told over Twitter that the team was looking into that. Was this resolved? Otherwise, why did the support thread disappear?

If it was resolved, what was the issue? I’d like to be able to use the service again in the future, but until this is resolved I won’t be able to do so.



I thought my responses on Twitter were enough since you added no new information to your additional forum post and you ended by saying you were discontinuing use of the service. We’re continuing to work on backend changes to resolve the underlying issues that lead to your problem, but as you’ll appreciate, not all issues can be resolved in just a few days.


I do now understand. I opened and moved the discussion here since Twitter isn’t the best place to discuss that and I wasn’t aware of these forums until after I had reached out on Twitter. Anyways, after I couldn’t find the topic on here anymore, I thought the worst and thought maybe you guys were just going to ignore the issue. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

If I see that Hyperdev adopts a more normal github workflow, I’ll check it out again sooner than later. But, I do appreciate that some issues take longer and your team probably has a priority roadmap as well. Keep up the good work.