Files disappeared; can't rewind!


My project isn’t working (haven’t touched it for four months), so I check it out and all of the files in my main directory have disappeared! More annoyingly, though, I can’t rewind past the anonymous revision that made this happen 8 days ago. This error pops up:

Error rewinding: {“killed”:false,“code”:128,“signal”:null,“cmd”:“git revert -n ec6bc91c10be7473db16d2bdd024f44603af9af0…HEAD”,“stdout”:"",“stderr”:“error: The following untracked working tree files would be overwritten by merge:\n\tpublic/scripts/\n\tpublic/scripts/\n\tpublic/scripts/\n\tpublic/scripts/\n\tpublic/scripts/\n\tpublic/scripts/\n\tpublic/scripts/\n\tpublic/scripts/\nPlease move or remove them before you can merge.\nAborting\n”,“task”:“Revert to previous revision”}

I don’t recognize any of those files listed, and I think they may be things that existed and were deleted while I was developing the project a while ago.

Can someone help me figure out what’s going on, and help me revert my project to its working state?


Sorry about that - we’ll get it restored for you.


@hYPotenuser And it’s back!


Thank you so much! :flags::gift::jack_o_lantern: