Files Not Working

My site Retro Pixel Games Studio ( ) isn’t loading the minified version of the CSS and Javascript files for some reason. I understand it is against the rules to obfuscate code but, come on we’re talking about bootstrap files which are commonly used front-end UI design and not abusive in any way. This is for an open source game I am designing myself. Am I out of luck and have to use the non-minified versions?

“against the rules to obfuscate code” isn’t something where Glitch figures out what code counts as obfuscated and does something to break it. but if Glitch gets a report that a project is being abusive or something, then if they investigate and it’s obfuscated, then they can’t do anything but to suspend the project.

I don’t make the rules, but if you want to work on how to make minified code work right, I’m in favor of that being allowed on Glitch.

edit: also be aware that the glitch terms of service Glitch: The friendly community where everyone builds the web doesn’t say obfuscated code is restricted. only various other knowledge base articles mention obfuscated code.

Hi - we don’t ban minified code and that’s not the issue here or else your whole project would show up as suspended. Can you tell me what the file names in your project are that should be showing, because I looked in your index file and it’s referencing css/bootstrap.css which isn’t minified.

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