FileShare - A simple Private File Sharing Server

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Github URL: GitHub - Yonle/FileShare: A simple private file sharing server

A simple Private File Sharing Server, Almost works like what does, But only you can upload.

Demo Username & Password: guest (Demo’s only use /tmp directory to store Files)


Very cool, would recommend adding the option for a content disposition so files can auto download.


Thanks! Pull is Welcome :^)

Foe some reason, I removed the new method and rollback to old method of uploading a file to client. There’s a reason why i do this:

  1. Bad for low-end device
  2. Using alot of memory that caused the server lagging out
  3. Very dangerous in Hosting Service like Glitch

Well i published a update. But i want to give a notice that this update may not work for a file that operated from old version. Before pulling from Old version to New Version, Open Glitch Terminal, Go to your Upload folder, then Execute this command:

for typefilename in *.type; do
  mv $typefilename "$typefilename".type