Find and Replace Broken


Unless I’m being really stupid and missing something obvious, find-and-replace is not working. Pressing Ctrl-Alt-F (as listed in Keyboard Shortcuts) has no effect in the browsers I tested (Chrome, IE Edge). Ctrl F works as expected. The Sublime equivalent, Ctrl-H (I think?) pulls up browser history.


hi danroot,

thanks for pointing it out! The shortcut should be fixed now. We removed Ctrl-H to avoid the clash with the browser shortcut, but Ctrl-Alt-F should now work :slight_smile:


Hmm. Still not working for me, even after clearing browser cache?


to help with debugging, are you using a mac or pc?


my fault! I hooked up the wrong shortcut :smiley: now it should work!


PC at the moment. Just tested again and it’s working. Thanks!


Does anyone know what the equivalent command is on a Mac?


⌘–Alt-F, it’s listed in the keyboard shortcuts from the top-right Glitch options menu.


I don’t have an Alt button on my keyboard. I have fn, control, option, and command.


The “option” key on a Mac serves as the alt button. On Macs I’ve owned, both “option” and “alt” are printed on the same key.

Fun fact, when Apple refers to the alt/option key in keyboard command shorthand, they use the ⌥ symbol!