Find & Replace Feature

I know that Glitch is already having a “Find” option but I was thinking about adding a feature (as the title says) that it gets a specified word and replace it with another one. I think it would be a very helpful feature in my opinion.

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ctrl+alt+f i think
but this feature is already implemented too

Um, the feature you’re talking about is just finding a certain word in a file, which you can replace it yourself in the whole file. I just think of a feature that you input the main word in the first box and in the other one, you’ll have to type the word that you want to replace it with and just by pressing a button, Glitch will automatically replace the word in a second or more. No need to do any futher work…

From a Discord Bot Developer and Glitch User,

A nice way to remind this feature :slight_smile:

Hi @TehPig_YT! We currently have a Find/Replace keyboard shortcut (command-alt/option-F) that when triggered will ask you what word to replace, then what to replace it with, and then you can go one by one or replace them all at once. Is this what you are asking for, is there another flow I can suggest to the team?

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I was thinking something more like this

I’ve found a demo but I cannot understand how to input the replace with word and replace it all with just one time

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What do you think about it?

this is exactly what we have now in the top right corner when you hit ctrl+alt+f

  1. enter in the phrase or word
  2. press enter
  3. enter in what to replace with
  4. press enter
  5. same exact thing, not replace, replace all, etc,

Hello @TehPig_YT,

Here’s a screencast of our current Find/Replace feature in the editor:

It seems like you’re also looking for a more classic UI for the feature, which would make it easier to discover. I will make sure there’s a request on file for that.

Thank you for your answers!

I haven’t seen the find & replace UI (i don’t know the most keybinds yet)
Thank you for helping me! It will be really useful for my project :blush:

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