First Unknown Error

First of all, I’m talking to Google Translation, I’m sorry if I say something wrong. My Discord bot suddenly shut down and although I did nothing, when I looked at the error on the console, me and my friend did not understand anything, please help !. I’m very sorry if I opened the issue in the wrong place

Hi @kaos09rr
I advise you to read this post.
Here is the solution to your problem!

Thank you very much, why do you think the bot might be banned? I think I didn’t do anything forbidden

You did nothing wrong, now the Glitch team will briefly change your project to a new host.

To find out when your project is banned just type: curl -I on your project’s console, if something like this appears: HTTP: /1.1 429 Too Many Requests is a sign that it was actually banned, otherwise something like this will appear: HTTP / 1.1 200 OK

Everything is better explained in the post I marked above.


Oh very very thankk youuu

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It was opened yesterday and now banned again. Why are they doing this

Hi @kaos09rr
Whenever this happens, you can send a message to cori’s post, or perform a remix of your project, and then put your Bot’s Token in the .env file.
Even today’s data works well.

I hope I helped you!