Fivereborn-query module problem


I’m using fivereborn-query module. It was working with no problems yesterday.
But today, it’s not working anymore. I ran the same code in my PC, it worked without problems. But in Glitch, nothing happens.
I tried to create new project but it didn’t help.

Hi @NetLuiz, welcome to the Glitch forum!

Are you seeing any errors in your project’s logs? What do you mean, precisely, when you say it’s not working? Can you provide your project name?

There is no error in console. Like I said it was working yesterday. But today, it doesn’t work, nothing happens, doesn’t print error to console. I thought there is issue in module, but I ran same code in my PC and it worked without error.
I made discord bot command that sends status of my FiveM server.

My project name: destinyrp