Fix Find bar covering scroll bar

Move the pop up Find bar (cmd-F on Mac) over just a little to the right so that it doesn’t cover up the code editor’s scroll bar. This can be a little problematic when you are scrolling near the top of a file. :slightly_smiling_face:

hi @OrvilleChomer - thanks for the feedback. I’d like to pass this on to the editor team but I’m not entire sure what you’re describing - did you mean move it to the left so it’s not blocking the scroll bar, or move to the right so it’s not blocking code content?

This is a visual example:

As you can see the search bar is blocked the scroll bar. It needs to be moved to the left.

This problem is just a minor annoyance, but I think it is really low-hanging fruit and would be easy to fix.

Screen Shot Below:

You see in the editor, running on the latest version of Safari on a Mac (latest version of MacOS),
The scroll bar… where you can grab the element with your mouse (pointed to with the red arrow)

and drag it to quickly scroll through the source code in the selected file:

Screen Shot of Find Mode:

  • I’ve pressed Cmd-F to bring up the Find popup (#1).
  • It is covering up the bit in the scroll bar (#2) that I can drag to quickly scroll through the source code.
  • If the popup were positioned just slightly over to the left (#3) The popup would still be functional and none of the scroll bar would be covered :slightly_smiling_face: