[FIXED] Did the way Node runs change recently?

Hey folks–I’m not a Node dev, so this may just be me being an idiot. But all of a sudden, without me making any changes, two of my projects just stopped working.

One stopped because I used let and the other changed because I used the spread operator. I know these are both newer language features… is there a chance that our code used to be run on a more modern version of Node, or something polyfilled, and then you changed the system defaults?

I was able to fix the let one by running node --use_strict server.js (which I found with Google and Stack Overflow) but I haven’t been able to fix the spread one… and further, I’m just curious about what changed. Thanks!

hi matt,

we updated the Node versions in the project containers, but things should keep working as before, so if they stopped working for you, it might be our fault! Can you share the project names so that we can take a look?

Sure! tech-forward-2 was fixable using use_strict. staywoke-intake is still broken because of the spread operator. Thanks!

staywoke-intake is now fixed :slight_smile:

There were two problems:

  1. the node version was not set correctly, and the fix we deployed yesterday made this problem manifest itself

  2. I had to remove the --use-strict switch

Wonderful–thank you!!