[Fixed] I want to have no subdomain on my custom domain. IPV4 ip?

I want to have no sub domain so my url can be like “https://example.com” instead of “www.example.com”,
in the A record it is asking for an ipv4 address but i dont know where to find one.

I also want my domain removed from my site as I need to put it on a different one.

Using an IP address in this scenario is simply impossible. Some of the containers share the same IP. Thus a reverse proxy is needed to send traffic to the correct container. Which is why when you add a domain to your container you must add a CNAME to the domain provided by Glitch (or Fly.io).

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wait but i dont want a cname because I dont want a subdomain

Interesting, does Glitch automatically assign each container a port?

You don’t have to have a subdomain

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it asks for a ip address, and the sites button on fly.io isnt there

Then… change the record type

so i can leave the name part of a cname blank?

Are you on Cloudflare?

no i am using google domains

Then you can’t CNAME the root, I don’t know if GDomains does CNAME flattening, but if you use Cloudflare (f r e e), you can just pop a CNAME in the root and it will automatically flatten it.

alright ill look into cloudflare, and by free you mean if you already have a domain you dont have to pay anything, or how does that work

Cloudflare provides the DNS for free, it also has DDoS protection, and an Under-Attack mode, where it locks your site down.

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alright thank you for that

Glitch’s reverse proxy takes <project>.glitch.me to their respected IP address and the port 3000. Custom domains are proxied through Fly.io then Fly.io sends requests forward to <project>.glitch.me.

If you want to read more about reverse proxies, here is a read.