Fixed IP address


Is it possible that I can assign my project to a fixed IP address ??
I am trying to work with an API which needs IP verification.
so Just asking if its possible ?

MYSQL error when connecting

No, a variety of IP addresses are used, it’s not possible to assign one.


Do you have ranges of possible IP addresses? I’m communicating with an AWS mysql database and it would be nice to not have to open it to the entire world.


Unfortunately even that isn’t simple. Here are the ranges AWS could use:


I see: I should have realized that Glitch is also running on AWS :-D. And I assume there’s no predicting the region/zone the Glitch instance could be in?

(What do you call the machine/VM running glitch containers? A Glitch instance? A Glitchpervisor?)


Right now, all of our servers are in us-east-1, but that will change eventually.

I like Glitchpervisor :slight_smile: