[Fixed] Project straight up not doing anything


My project is not doing anything. It’s not responding, not attempting to log in on Discord, not printing any errors, absolutely nothing. It’s not suspended, the bot token is correct and working, the dependencies are installed correctly as well.
Woke up 2-3 days ago and noticed the bot went down, haven’t been able to get it to respond ever since.

The project’s name is planetlily, thanks in advance.

Hey @Thana

Did you set up your package.json with the right name of your bot app file?

  "main": "bot.js",
  "scripts": {
    "start": "node bot.js"

I think he/she doesnt have even package.json file if it just went down if it worked before


I do have a package.json with the main file and scripts > start defined.
Could post it here if you’d like to see it. How would I format it in JSON properly?

Perhaps this would provide more information?:

Preparing to connect to the gateway…
[WS => Manager] Fetched Gateway Information
URL: wss://gateway.discord.gg
Recommended Shards: 1
[WS => Manager] Session Limit Information
Total: 1000
Remaining: 0
[WS => Manager] Spawning shards: 0
[WS => Manager] Exceeded identify threshold. Will attempt a connection in 2873159ms

Turns out I overlooked the package-lock.json. Removing that worked!