[Fixed] Strange problem with equinox-breeze; editor contents don't match what's running?


equinox-breeze seems to be broken; gives an error that doesn’t make sense (can’t find a file that clearly exists in the editor).

If I remix the project, the contents I get are slightly different to what I see in the editor for equinox-breeze, but the remix project (if I fix a typo) works fine.

I get the impression that what I’m seeing in the editor for equinox-breeze is not what’s actually trying to be run. Remixing it does appear to get the contents I expect. My guess is that the content in the data store is correct, but the content on the disk being executed has somehow gotten out of sync. I’ll guess if I leave it a while and come back it’ll all be fine (I presume the instance will be killed, and recreated?).

The only thing I did that was a bit weird was renaming files, then renaming them back. Not sure if this is the cause.


All appears fine now.


Hey Danny,

Glad the project came back to life :sweat_smile:

We’re still tracking down and fixing a few edge cases where the content on disk does get out of sync with the content displayed in the editor :frowning:. As you noticed, there are two ways around this at the moment:

  1. Close the editor and take a 15-30 minute break and let your project get cleaned up. When you connect again, the file contents you see will match the files on disk.
  2. remix and use the new project moving forward.

Depending on the exact edge case you’ve hit, it’s possible the restored file contents will not exactly match what you hope for, but the running app and editor will be back in sync :grinning:

Thanks for the report!