not accepting domain after it was added and removed from glitch

Hi :wave:
I believe I have the same issue that’s seen here: SSL on Custom Domain

I’ve added irritate[dot]khushrajrathod[dot]me (I can only put 2 links) and previously to the project called Irritator. Please remove both for me :slight_smile:

As a feature request, could it be possible for users to do this themselves? Maybe deleted custom domains attached to a project could automatically be deleted when the project is deleted?


Please email or create a ticket on Happyfox for custom domain removals. Glitch are aware people would like a way to do this yourself, but it seems they have more important things on their ‘road-map’ before then :slight_smile: I also think adding a user method to do this would lift some overhead on the @glitch_support team as I imagine the majority of tickets created are about custom domain removals