Folder Changing Not Working

I want to move a existing folder to another path

Existing Folder

Moving Folder

How can i move the folder

if you don’t have a folder named “website” you can rename the file to “website /” or create a new file named “website / main.css” and copy-paste the old one xd

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I have More Files i cant do it

I don’t know if there is an easy shortcut but I think you have to do like this ¯_(ツ)_/¯

If Glitch Helps me Then its will be Awesome to move Folders

Hey @SudhanPlayz,

Can you try running

mv fromPath/ toPath/

in the Glitch console? In your case, it should be

mv css/main/ website/
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Have you made any spelling errors in the folder names, by any chance?

From is Correct
To the folder is not availabe now

Can you tell me the project name, so that I can take a look?

here-is-the-name is my Project Name

Errr…no project such as here-is-the-name exists, maybe it’s set to private?

It is private but can you DM me on Discord so i can give you Edit Link


Hey @SudhanPlayz,

It’s been fixed, I believe. The folder named admin was not showing up when I typed ls in the console, meaning that it has not been saved. So as you requested in the Discord chat, I have moved all the folders you needed to the file path panel/assets/css.

Hope that helps!