Folders pushed with git do not appear in editor

Basically, if I push to the builtin git repo, files appear in the editor after a refresh as expected, but folders do not.

Checking from the console, the folders do exist with the correct contents.

whoa…that’s a VERY interesting bug.

If I create a directory via the console (for example, by running mkdir my_directory in the same directory that holds folders which ARE visible) and then run refresh, that directory does not show up. But if I create a file inside of that directory (also via the console, touch my_directory/text.txt) and call refresh again, the directory DOES show up. It sounds like a git + editor bug, I guess?

Yep, can confirm your findings.

Although, for some reason doing this deletes all git-pushed content in that directory.

Ah…that’s interesting. Probably because it’s overwriting the existing directory with an empty one…? Do the contents vanish if, instead of adding the directory, you just add a file to that directory and then refresh?

Yes, it’s exactly like that. If I add a file to that folder either by using touch or the editor, everything else in there is gone.

Thanks for reporting @Sigma-One.

Maybe the folder names are tripping up the editor? Can you tell us what git repo you are importing from?