FontAwesome isn't working

I don’t really know if is here. I put the code in head but still dosen’t working, why?

Can you clarify what’s not working? Can you please share some of your code where your issue occurs? Or perhaps a link to your project? What exactly happens, what is the expected behavior?

Yes. Icons isn’t working. Screenshot_20200506-145245_Chrome|483x500 and i’ve put the code in head as they said

can you share the project URL so I can debug what’s happening in the network? You can also do that yourself by using the devtools on the network tools.

Perhaps your using incorrect names or you need a code to use the icons?

It is correct.

Some icons require a code to use, have a look at w3schools for more help on these codes

All icons require a code to use.

Not always, but about 95% of the time

isn’t this one?

I believe so, is it valid?

Yes, i’ve copied from their website

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If you want to post project invites, do it in a Private message.

To make the icons work, remove the !important from your font-family: Montserrat, sans-serif; declaration. That’s overwriting the Font Awesome font with Montserrat on everything, including the icons.


Thank you so much! Didn’t know that. :sweat_smile:

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